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Using the SourceForge Project Pages

Joining Sourceforge

Join the Sourceforge Developers Portal by visiting the Sourceforge Home Page.

Visit the Tenforty Sourceforge Project Page

The Project Page

Here you will find an interface to all of the many tools the project pages offer uses and developers of Tenforty. This includes many of the tasks below.

Download Released Files

Released Files

Mailing Lists

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Join the Developers list

Search the Developers List Archives

Join the Users List

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Subscribe to the Announce List

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Checkout the latest Tenforty news

Public Forums

Got something you want to discuss in a public Tenforty Forum

Project Statistics

Examine the project statistics (web site hits etc.)

Examine the CVS source files

Browse or download a CVS module of Source Files.

CVS Intro Page

The Tracker

Task Tracker. The gateway to bug reports, feature requests, subproject jobs etc.



Reporting Bugs.

Submit a new bug

Feature Requests

Asking for additional features or functions

Use the Bug Report tool to request new features or interactions for the program.

Support Requests

Need extra help or would like a special job done ask us here :

Browse Support Requests

Ask about getting Support

Or mail the Project Leader directly


Submit your patch to the source code.

Browse Patches

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