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Project XML

Outline the XML Coding style. Objectives. Milestones and some links

XML and Associated Information

Practical Tax and it's associated projects may soon share a common XML / DTD / Schema namespace.

Here are some links to some relevant coding tutorials and specifications:

XML Sites
XML XML in 10 points If you read nothing else about XML read this.
DTD A pre-packed (zip or gzip) DTD tutorial. Quite clear and straight forward
An Xml Stylesheet Language Tutorial
W3Schools XSL Tutorial
zvon has many packed tutorials that are relevant and of high quality. Has the definitions for most things internet..

Here are some other links to sites and protocols that may we may soon be supporting:

Open ebXML
OFX Open Financial Exchange
UBL OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC
This is worth a read It briefly outlines some of the current issues and the future of XML in business applications.