" No Taxation without representation "


Tenforty and it's associated packages are written with the Perl Scripting / Coding language. This lets you run these applications on any computer that supports Perl, and that is by far most computing systems !

All of the software used to by this application on your Computer is Open Source / Free Software. This ensures that you may always view the source code, edit and improve it, and generally share it freely with other users. You own the tools you are using. Intellectual property is protected by licensing standards that entrench both your and the developers rights while encouraging ongoing improvement.

Installing Perl

Your system needs to have Perl version v5.6.0 or later.
To check this enter perl -v at a terminal prompt.

To Locate the latest Perl for your platform

Visit the Perl Ports page http://cpan.org/ports/index.html and choose a package ready for your computing platform. Or use your distributions' package system. (e.g. apt-get install perl)

Most Linux, BSD and other UNIX systems will have a recent Perl already !

Install the TK interface module

You have a recent version of Perl ? Then go ahead and install the module for your user interface.

Tk-800 module http://search.cpan.org/author/NI-S/Tk-800.024/
There you will find instructions and links to the source files.

Install the PDF:: Create module

This module contains the functions that build PDF format documents ready for printing or posting to the Taxation Authority

PDF::create http://search.cpan.org/author/FTASSIN/PDF-Create-0.01/

The Practical Tax Application

Until we release the next version (soon) please use these versions for US Tenforty forms:

Ptax2001.tar.gz [ 23-Aug-2002 30k GZIP ]

tenforty-precvs.tar.gz [ 23-Aug-2002 10k GZIP ]